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Monday, May 08, 2006

Autism and Mercury in Vaccines

This is a very sensitive, but important topic and I welcome and encourage any and all feedback!

James is my three year old son and a wonderful boy, who is the center of my life along with my six year old son and my wife. James has been the recipient of hard times from the moment he left the womb, BUT, he is a trooper and battler and seems to beat the odds at every turn in the road. He came into the world with a "textbook" knot in his umbilical cord, but was spared from the complications of oxygen depravation. By three to four months old, he was dealing with fairly intense "baby eczema" (which he still has bouts with from time to time). After treatments with Elidel to supress it, he developed a viral infection and was hospitalized for a week at the tender age of 6 months. He had a series of blood tests to see if there was some other source that was affecting his eczema, but he went the route of other topical "cure-alls". Within the last year, we found out that James also has severe food allergies (mostly peanuts, treenuts, green peas, soy, etc.), so that his diet has been compromised as well. We discovered this, AFTER giving him soy formula for a year as a baby, as we were told that milk based formula would aggravate his eczema. The last "battle" that James is currently fighting is that of a "late talker" who is currently in an "early intervention" program, where he is making progress. My wife has done extensive research and from things that we see in his behavior, we feel that he might have some form of autism (or the politically correct title of "PDD" - Pervasive Development Disorder).

My wife has done further research and has found that there have been an alarmingly large number of instances of Autism in the last few years and the feeling is, that this has been caused by the use of mercury in children's vaccines. There is supposedly a urine test for mercury that can be used, though we don't know who to contact to arrange this. If this was the cause, there is the option of a procedure called "mercury chelation therapy" to rid the body (most specifically the brain) of the mercury that is causing this autism. We are very serious about looking into these options and would welcome any and all feedback.

Thanks to all!


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